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About us

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Who We Are

Eco Echo is the most convenient platform that connects independent cleaning professionals with customers. All of Eco Echo cleaners are insured professionals with many years of experience, and have passed a background check. At Eco Echo, we take the hassle out of cleaning your house. All of our cleaners travel with their own cleaning equipment and products. They arrive on time and ready to produce the clean results you need in your home.


We provide service every day of the week at times that are convenient for you. We offer the full range of customizable cleaning services that you may need now and in the future, and our team is ready to begin working for you today.

Reasons to love ECO ECHO

Eco Echo was founded with one goal in mind. We wanted to make it convenient for you to enjoy a clean, safe home. We know that many cleaning products that other companies use can reduce indoor air quality and may even leave behind dangerous residue. Such cleaning products will never provide the level of clean that you want and need for your home.


Eco Echo maintains high standards that define what clean truly means, and we uphold those standards through our green house cleaning services. Our clients entrust us with the care of their home, and we take every step possible to ensure that your trust is well-placed. We do not settle for a superficial level of clean, and we never put your health or your family’s health at risk.


When our cleaners walk out of your home, you can rest assured that your space is cleaned to your specifications using truly safe cleaning products. We also focus on the health of the planet, and avoiding the use of cleaning products with toxic chemicals is only one of the steps that we take. For example, our cleaners never use paper waste products that may needlessly wind up in landfills.


We also use advanced micro-filtration vacuums and highly-durable tools that are designed to withstand heavy use for years. Rest assured that our cleaning processes have been refined with your family’s health and with the health of the planet in mind. More than that, we continuously look for new ways to improve our efforts.

Our Vision


At Eco Echo, we understand that our clients hire professional cleaners to save time and energy. Our clients want a stress-free way to enjoy the benefits of an immaculate home, and our vision is to provide high-quality results without hassle. We work toward this goal regularly by:

  • Maintaining high ethical standards centered around integrity and honesty

  • Focusing on superior and consistent customer satisfaction through exceptional results

  • Provide the cleaning professions with full level of support that they need to perform to their fullest potential


Our Mission

Eco Echo’s mission is to set a new industry standard with a solid focus on providing quality cleaning. We strive to provide our clients with consistent excellence in this area through the use of advanced technologies and proven-safe products. We actively search for new opportunities to improve our efforts and to continue to raise the bar for the cleaning industry going forward.

Our cleaners have considerable experience and are dedicated to the goal of completing quality work in every home that they service. Eco Echo is the company that you want working in your home or office. Our ethical, dependable cleaning team is available to begin cleaning your home and office soon. To learn more about our services and the difference we can make in your home, contact us today.

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